Crane Brewing // Kansas City, MO

On day 11, we vistited Kansas City and Crane Brewing. Great space, great vibes, and fantastic beer yogis AND beer!

Such a fun group in this town- we had a birthday celebration, we got to meet an Instagram friend from our #beeryogi challenges last year, and we had a brewery cat join us for practice.  You delivered, KC, we're not going to forget this stop!

Our beer share brought some Perennial Artisan Ales to our new friends at Crane, who shared some of their gose & IPA for us to carry on to Farnam House Brewing Co in Omaha.  

We still wake up every day in amazement that this is our life right now. Cheers to all the beer yogis making this happen- this community is strongly connected, and you guys are all doing great things, everywhere you go. 

Cheers & Namaste!

Melissa and Mikki