What to Expect

The Beer Yogis events incorporate group vinyasa yoga practices outside of a yoga studio.  Adequate practice space and qualified instruction will be provided.  Events may offer hands-on assisting and the use of aromatherapy massage products- feel free to let us know before any event if that's not your thing!  Attendees are responsible to bring their own yoga mat and any props, and layering is recommended as practice space temperatures may vary.  Any medical concerns should be communicated to the instructor before each practice.


Do I have to drink beer? 
I know, it’s called Yoga + Beer. But we are equal opportunity beverage appreciators – so no, you don’t have to drink beer. Some of our breweries offer other options for non-beer drinkers. But whether you have a drink after class or not, we hope you’ll stay and hang out!

I’ve never practiced yoga before … is that okay? 
Absolutely! We have several people at each class that have never tried yoga before. And we have several more that are fairly new to the practice. Our goal is to make these classes truly all levels yoga classes – options to make it easier, options to make it harder – and lots of explanations for those of you who are still learning the poses. And you’ll almost always hear us start class by saying – everything we do is optional. The goal of these classes is to feel good. 

Will I be kicked out if I drink beer before or during class? 
Yoga is a judgment free zone. You probably won’t be the only yogi who drank before class. If it helps you to relax and have a good time – go for it.

What should I wear? 
You don’t need official yoga clothes to practice yoga. Just wear clothes that are easy to move in. Athletic type clothes are best.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat? 
If you have a mat, please try to bring it. I always bring extra mats for people to borrow. Most of our classes happen in brewery or restaurant spaces … so the floor is not the cleanest. They sweep, they mop … but still. I recommend not bringing your cleanest, newest mat. And maybe even bringing a towel to place beneath your mat.

Do I need to sign up for class in advance? 
It completely depends on the space and the event. Some of our brewery events sell out quicker than others due to space limitations. If you want to ensure yourself a spot in class, we recommend signing up in advance. But if you waited until the last minute, unless our class says "sold out" online, you're welcome to drop in and join us! 

I thought yogis weren’t supposed to drink alcohol? 
To us, this practice is about finding balance. So in our opinion, if you like to go to yoga class and work out, and then grab a beer afterwards – what’s wrong with that? It’s not very yogic to get drunk every night of the week – no. But we can enjoy a local craft beer or two with friends.

Do you play music in classes? 
It depends on the setting, the noise level of the brewery, and a few other factors. But typically yes. We play fairly non-traditional yoga music … upbeat, happy, feel good jams.

Why Yoga + Beer?
Honestly … because we love yoga, and we love beer. We took the things that we love and combined them. And it’s pretty cool that other people enjoy the combination too. We are committed to this movement because people seem to be more comfortable trying yoga and coming to class in a brewery than they are at a studio (when the studio is unfamiliar to them). And most importantly to us … because these classes build community. Yoga can be so individually focused … these classes create space for yoga to be a shared experience, and we love that. Cheers to beer yogi friends!


Cancellation Policy
Pre-registration is recommended for The Beer Yogis events, as there is limited space at many of our host breweries.  Walk-ins are welcome as space allows.  Registrations are non-refundable and refunds will not be given, but registrations may be transferred to another attendee for the same event.  You are responsible for your own transfers and any exchange of money.  Thank you for understanding and adhering to this policy.  Your respect of this rule helps us keep administrative costs and efforts down so we can spend our time doing what we love: inspiring, teaching and practicing yoga, and sharing post-practice brews with you!        

Emergency & inclement weather policy
All events are rain, snow or shine, but if an event has to be cancelled due to emergency or severe inclement weather, announcement will be posted on our website and all social media pages as soon as possible.  If The Beer Yogis or a venue host elects to cancel an event due to emergency or inclement weather, refunds or transferred registrations will be made available as soon as possible after the event.